Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whitetrash..... or Redneck?

So it was two years ago that Rian and I met at this wonderful event. Ever since then we have tried to make it a tradition to go back. This year's derby was rather eventful. We went down to Nephi early and I cut my sister's hair. She had invited some friends over for a bbq before the derby. We ate, laughed, had a good time. The weather was perfect for a derby. It was quite warm outside and the sun was getting close to it's setting time. Since my sister is on the Juab County Fair Board we got to sit in awesome box seats! We had shown up a little late so we missed the first heat. As the tractors were out pulling the cars out a dust storm showed up! It was miserable! There was dirt flying all over the place and the beginnings of a rainstorm coming in. Since there was lightening they had everyone exit the arena and go sit in their cars. It really didn't look like the storm was going to let up. We sat there for a good 15 minutes before we decided to head back to my sister's to play some games and see if the storm would let up. Back at her house all of the stuff in the yard (bbq grill, tables, lawn chair pads, etc.) had blown everywhere. Rian sat outside and cleaned up a bunch of the stuff before everyone else showed up. My sister's friends had run home to put their little kiddos in jammies and so as they were on their way back to my sister's house they stopped by the derby to see if they had started it up again. They had never been to a derby before so they called and said, "The tractors are out in the arena again doing the same thing they were before." He was guessing that it had started again. So we loaded up with lots of coats and a towel and headed back. The derby was on! We had heard from some other people that in the second heat there was a car that got tipped over. We were so bummed that we missed it. So we sat down and were watching. This derby did not disappoint. There were lots of cars and a lot of aggressive drivers. I would have to say that the 80s round was by far the best! In that round there was a fire so they had to stop the cars... Twice! And then in the Powder Puff round there was a girl's car that got hit on the driver's side and so they had the ambulance come in and had to work on her for a while. They never updated us if she was ok or not. We are hoping so though. And then in the Grudge Match there were ten cars so they were pretty squished in and hitting all over the place. It was awesome! There was an old car that had gone up and t-boned another car, and then another one came up behind it and rear ended it. That gave the car enough force to PUSH THE CAR OVER!! Haha. And then still with the force it pushed the other car on top of it to make it look like he was doing a victory lap on top! But then the bottom car started on fire and things didn't look so good for the drivers. It was pretty awesome though. We had quite the eventful time even though we had to sit through a dust storm and some rain. As far as a show goes, this was by far the best derby ever! We will definitely be back next year!

This was them putting the fire out

Smoke settling

Trying to pull the cars apart

After lots of wind and rain, this is what you get!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When it rains..... It down pours!

So this last weekend started off great! I got up Saturday morning ready to head to Cedar to spend some time with my mom. Her and I were going to make the quilt and other bedding stuff for my dear sweet babe's crib. I was so excited. The morning was great. Rian and I got up early and went to breakfast and then I headed out. The drive went pretty fast, which was wonderful because I hate driving alone, and for some reason I have this curse that as soon as I get on the freeway in a car I want to fall asleep.
I made it to Cedar in a timely manner and then not too long after I got there my mom was finished with stake baptisms. We had planned it out that we would go up the mountain for the weekend to do our sewing and such. So we packed up and up the mountain we went.
Right after we got the truck all unloaded my mom suggested we should start on the quilt since we weren't sure how long it was going to take us to make the pieced quilt that we were making our own measurements up for. So she set me up with all the material and a rotary cutter and had me start cutting out all of the things that we needed. As I finished I would hand them to her and she would start laying stuff out and figuring so she could do the sewing. After the cutting was all done I got set up with the iron so that after each piece was sewn I could iron it flat to make the next sewing part easier. It went pretty quick and we got it figured out. We had planned for two and a half days to make this little beauty, so when it was completely finished in four hours we weren't sure what else we were going to do with our time. While my mom had been sewing some of the final things on I went up the mountain a little ways to call Rian to make sure everything was ok. He said things were great, but that there was a leak at our house with the main water line so we wouldn't have water until Monday.
The next day was Sunday so we just lied around and ate treats, watched movies, oh yeah and I broke the four wheeler. (So that part wasn't actually my fault. My dad drove me up the mountain a little ways so I could call my hubby and he told me when I was done to just drive back because he was going to go hiking around. So when I got done and tried to turn on the dumb thing it wouldn't do anything! I sat there forever trying to figure out what I could do and then finally just decided to walk back to camp. When I showed up on foot my dad came running out asking what had happened. So we rode back up on the other four wheeler to find the problem. We still aren't sure what happened, but after we found the pull start and it did nothing and we played around with some switches it fired right up!) We ate lunch, took a nap, and then packed up for home since my dad had to work early the next morning.
We got back to Cedar and I had this great idea that we should go visit my grandma and take her our cute quilt since she was the one who would be quilting it. We got up to her house and she was making banana bread and so she knew she had some time. She thought it was a novel idea to teach my mother and I how to quilt on this crazy machine that she has. But she wanted us to learn on my babies little bedding quilt. I passed. That machine was a little too intense for me. I can barely sew a straight line on a pillow case! My mom was brave though and she ended up quilting the whole thing! She did such a great job even though she was really scared. It was really fun to see and get in perspective the quilting that my grandma does for people everyday. We always have fun at our grandma's house.
Monday morning I got up early and started getting ready since I knew that my mom had some errands and things that she needed to do. As I had been up and moving around I felt like I was starting to get a little bit of a cough, but didn't think much of it. When I went upstairs to see what she was doing, she was working on the quilt. She decided to hurry and bind it so that it was all finished. So we sat down and she bound the quilt. It only took her a few hours and it turned out so great! I am so proud and so grateful for all the work that she did. She made that whole quilt and she even quilted it. Thanks so much mom! It is truly a treasure! We ran our errands and went to lunch. Then, of course, if you know my mother and I we had to take a nap and then it was time for me to head back to Springville.
Since I was already aware of the water situation I was expecting our yard to be all torn up with pipes laying all around. But when I got home everything still looked exactly the same. A little worry in my mind. Rian got home from work not too long after I had gotten back and he said they hadn't done a single thing with the water situation yet! We had a hose hooked up to an apartment building next door so that we could flush our toilet and that was it! All the water that we had. That night we went over to Rian's sister's house so that we could shower so we wouldn't stink for work the next day. As the day had gone on my cough was getting worse and my chest was hurting really bad.
Tuesday morning I woke up and had no voice. GREAT! This is the one week in how many months that I have to work four days in a row, and we have a girl at work that just got married so we are already short staffed anyway! So I got up, got ready, and went to work. As the day went on my voice started to come back a little, but where I was having such a deep cough I decided to go to the Dr. I went in there and this lady was super nice. But really the only thing she had to tell me was that I had a "pregnancy cold". Whoever knows what that means please tell me! She gave me a z pack and an inhaler and told me to use it when I felt short of breath. BUT I couldn't use it more than four times a day and not more than every four hours. A little bit restrictive. I went back to work and closed out my drawer and said I was going home for the duration of the day.
Again when I was arriving at home I was expecting the yard to be torn up with pipes all over. Still nothing! Awesome. We still don't have water. But as I got home the guy that my landlord had asked to come fix the problem pulled up at my house. I thought this was a good sign.
He walked around the two houses. Poked at some pipes. Pulled tiles up out of crawl spaces and looked around the yard. Rian got home from work not too much later and we decided that we should go back to his sister's house to do a batch of laundry and shower so that we could get out of her way. As we were walking out the guy told us that we had water at our house! He had come in and cut the pipe that feeds the water from the main line into the house and put a hose on it so we would have water pumping directly into our house! What a novel idea. We ran back in the house and did our laundry, our dishes that had been sitting in the sink for a week, and showered. We knew some of the neighbors wanted to come over and shower since they had been out of water too and still were.
As it came time to go to bed that night we started looking at how this man had jimmy rigged up our water and I got a little nervous. I seriously don't think the man thought about what he was doing. He strung the hose through the back door into my house. Making it impossible for us to shut our door. Fabulous. Now I get to go to bed with my back door what might as well be wide open for bugs and whoever else that feels like it to come in. And my sickness was getting worse. Settling in making itself right at home. It is one thing to have a cough, but to have a cough with a little baby sitting right under your ribs is not cool! I was developing some serious pain.
Wednesday morning I woke up and got ready for work. Rian was already gone. I got ready to leave and started to panic. I had to leave my house and go to work with my door open. No one here to sit and watch my house just in case some looney decided he wanted to come in. Oh and I had no voice whatsoever! I got to work and told my lead teller about my week that I had been having and asked if I could go home around two since we had another girl coming in at that time. She agreed and said that would be fine since it is a little hard to help people all day when you have no voice. And where about 40% of the people I help are above the age of 60 they definitely can't hear me! Well it is a dang good thing that I decided to come home early and take a nap to see if I could regain some energy from this sickness and not being able to sleep because of the night before with all of my horror dreams of people freely wandering into my house. I walked in and had seen that they had re-rigged up the hose so it was coming through the window (whew) so that my door could be shut. However, my dad has cursed me with this ability to hear things that are going wrong. I could hear water running in my house. Not only running, but puddling and dripping. Like it had been going on for some time. I went over to the hose they had hooked up and felt it and it was dry. I couldn't see water anywhere so I figured maybe the water was just running louder today than it was yesterday. I used the bathroom and sat around for a minute but I could still hear the water running and I knew it wasn't right. So I went back over to the pipe they had cut and sure enough. The part that brings the water into the house hadn't been capped and there was water, under pressure, coming up in my house. Not very quickly, but still there was water. I went over and got the neighbor and so he called the landlord. I think the neighbor downplayed it a little because four hours later, when they had said that they guy was coming back to fix it and he hadn't, I made Rian call the landlord and ask when he was coming. He said TOMORROW! This is where in my head (since I have no voice) I said, "Umm, sir? Do you realize that our house has water running freely into it? Yes, it is draining into a hole that has gravel in the bottom that is allowing it to seep under the foundation of the house. However, that hole is slowly filing up! And if you let it go for too long this house is going to settle and then you will no longer have a house that you can rent out!!!" Ya apparently no one cares but me! But the guy came over and fixed it a few hours later. This entire time I have been thinking, how does a plumber not know where the leak is and how to fix it? Well come to find out.... Our "handy man" is a landscaper! Which he does have to have knowledge of plumbing, BUT NOT LIKE A PLUMBER DOES!
Wednesday night. Rian and I are getting ready for bed and every time I cough I am almost in tears. My ribs feel like I have had the crap beaten out of me, my chest is still hurting, my lungs feel like they weigh 50 lbs each, and my throat is on fire! After trying to sleep for three hours I finally woke up Rian and I made him call the emergency room to see if it may be worth it to go in since I didn't really want to have to pay a $75 co-pay. After making five phone calls a nurse told him that there is a chance that I could have pneumonia and that it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out. We sat on the floor for a half hour trying to decide if we should go in. I called my mom and she said the same thing, it wouldn't hurt to go in and get check in case it is something serious. So, 3:30am we are on our way to the ER. We got there and thankfully no pneumonia, but I do have bronchitis and since I am pregnant there is nothing they can do. "Sorry for the pain and discomfort, but you are S. O. L." Awesome! So I got a Dr.'s note saying that I am written off for work for today so that I can hopefully get some rest to get rid of this sickness. I just pray the pain will go away! My poor little babe hates it so bad when I cough. She kicks me back after I cough because she hates that I am squishing her more than she already is, which I can't blame her, but it causes me double bruising on my ribs. Oh, and for the water situation.... Now us and the neighbors are hooked up to a hose sharing water pressure. So if I am in the shower and they flush the toilet, I get to stand under a sprinkle of water. I sure hope this gets fixed soon!

Didn't my mom do such an amazing job??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the winner is...

A little princess pie! We went to the doctor yesterday and found out we are having a sweet little girl! I am afraid that our little girl is going to be a shy one. The ultrasound tech had to sit there and rub the little thing on my tummy to try and get her to move her leg so we could actually see what she was. And then when we tried to get a picture of her cute little face she wasn't going to have any of it. She put her arm up over her head and turned her face to my back to hide. The little stinker! But, luckily, the tech didn't get all the measurements that she needed so we have to go back in 4 weeks and try again. Hopefully she will let her mamma see her little face next time around! I have been so busy looking for deals to buy stuff for our little girl and I must say, so far I have been pretty successful! I can't wait to get her here and dress her up in all sorts of fun outfits!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Princess Pie...... Or a Star Athlete?

We are so excited to find out what our little babe will be. We get to officially find out on May 17th and Rian is counting down the days. Almost literally. We went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and got to listen to the heartbeat. It was so much fun to be there and listen to it. Rian wasn't able to come to the first appointment and so he was super excited when he got to hear it. He wants a boy so bad. All he talks about is having a little buddy to play with. Sometimes I think that is exactly what he doesn't need! I don't really care either way. I just want to know so that I can start planning things. We have officially started buying diapers for our little one. And dang they are so expensive! Hopefully we can get our little one potty trained fast! Haha. I am starting to show and it doesn't look like I am pregnant. I definately look fat! It is awful! My clothes are starting to not fit anymore and I really don't want to go buy nasty prenant people stuff. So instead I try to use rubberbands to hold my pants shut because it's the next best thing I can think of. Rian thinks that it is funny and he tries to tell me that my fat stomach is cute. It doesn't ever make me feel better. Hopefully soon I will get past this stage. I am almost half way done though, and I must say so far it hasn't been too bad. My little babe just thinks that it is a good idea to sit on my sciatic nerve a lot so every once in a while I almost fall to the floor in pain. But that is something I would much rather handle than throwing up!! I'm just sayin!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011


This last week I have been crazy sick. On Sunday I went to the Instacare because I thought I had an ear infection. The doctor told me that I had fluid on my ear and that I was fine. He said to go home and take a few hot showers and I should be ok. Well as part of my becoming sickness I had a cough, sore throat, and was beginning to get sinus pressure. Monday morning I got up and went to work as if all was fine. Tuesday morning I did the same thing. With my job I always have Wednesdays off and at this point I was very grateful because I felt as though I was getting worse. All day Wednesday I laid around sleeping and coughing. That night I started to get paid in my left eye. It was red and was putting out some pretty nasty goopy stuff. So I went to bed hoping it would go away. The next morning my eye was so swollen it looked like I was in a fight with Rocky! My eyelid had swelled up so tight that the skin was shiny and very red. My eye was glued shut and I could even keep it open. I grabbed a hot washcloth and put it on my eye thinking it might change something. I called into work and said I would not be coming. During the day the swelling went down and my eye was starting to look a lot better. It was still very red, but it didn't hurt and was on the mend. Later that night at about the exact same time my right eye did the exact same thing! It started to get red and was doing the nasty goop thing! I couldn't believe it. So this morning I decided to go back to the Instacare to see what the heck is going on with my eyes. I didn't think it was pink eye because that is supposed to be very painful and make your eyes really red. Mine only hurt when they were doing the goop thing and then they were just red. So this morning the doctor proceeded to tell me that my oxygen level has gone down 6 points and I need to be careful because that could lead to pneumonia, and I have some something with conjunctivitis. That is why my eyes are all red and swollen. He gave me a Z Pac and also a prescription for my eyes. He said to only take the Z Pac and if it doesn't start to get rid of the redness in my eyes to fill the other. I told him I have to go to work tomorrow and said I wear contacts. He told me with the eye drop prescription he gave me I would have to take my contacts out to put the meds in, and then said he didn't know how much better I will be by tomorrow. Thanks a bunch doc! Now I just have a bunch of worrying to do and still have these crazy red eyes and what feels like the whooping cough!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost a year!

So this weekend Rian and I will have been married for one year! WOW! I am not sure how time flies by so quickly. I keep thinking that it was just last month that we were making wedding plans but really that was a whole year ago. Everyone says that if you can make it through the first year then you can make it, Rian and I looked at each other not to long ago after being told that and said,"Well dang this will be easy then!" Haha! We have had a great year. Mostly ups and some downs. We have both had trials in finding jobs and trying to make enough money to afford our very inexpensive lives, but it is all for the better. We love where we are at right now and we couldn't be happier with our life together. It sure is fun hanging out with your best friend every day!