Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whitetrash..... or Redneck?

So it was two years ago that Rian and I met at this wonderful event. Ever since then we have tried to make it a tradition to go back. This year's derby was rather eventful. We went down to Nephi early and I cut my sister's hair. She had invited some friends over for a bbq before the derby. We ate, laughed, had a good time. The weather was perfect for a derby. It was quite warm outside and the sun was getting close to it's setting time. Since my sister is on the Juab County Fair Board we got to sit in awesome box seats! We had shown up a little late so we missed the first heat. As the tractors were out pulling the cars out a dust storm showed up! It was miserable! There was dirt flying all over the place and the beginnings of a rainstorm coming in. Since there was lightening they had everyone exit the arena and go sit in their cars. It really didn't look like the storm was going to let up. We sat there for a good 15 minutes before we decided to head back to my sister's to play some games and see if the storm would let up. Back at her house all of the stuff in the yard (bbq grill, tables, lawn chair pads, etc.) had blown everywhere. Rian sat outside and cleaned up a bunch of the stuff before everyone else showed up. My sister's friends had run home to put their little kiddos in jammies and so as they were on their way back to my sister's house they stopped by the derby to see if they had started it up again. They had never been to a derby before so they called and said, "The tractors are out in the arena again doing the same thing they were before." He was guessing that it had started again. So we loaded up with lots of coats and a towel and headed back. The derby was on! We had heard from some other people that in the second heat there was a car that got tipped over. We were so bummed that we missed it. So we sat down and were watching. This derby did not disappoint. There were lots of cars and a lot of aggressive drivers. I would have to say that the 80s round was by far the best! In that round there was a fire so they had to stop the cars... Twice! And then in the Powder Puff round there was a girl's car that got hit on the driver's side and so they had the ambulance come in and had to work on her for a while. They never updated us if she was ok or not. We are hoping so though. And then in the Grudge Match there were ten cars so they were pretty squished in and hitting all over the place. It was awesome! There was an old car that had gone up and t-boned another car, and then another one came up behind it and rear ended it. That gave the car enough force to PUSH THE CAR OVER!! Haha. And then still with the force it pushed the other car on top of it to make it look like he was doing a victory lap on top! But then the bottom car started on fire and things didn't look so good for the drivers. It was pretty awesome though. We had quite the eventful time even though we had to sit through a dust storm and some rain. As far as a show goes, this was by far the best derby ever! We will definitely be back next year!

This was them putting the fire out

Smoke settling

Trying to pull the cars apart

After lots of wind and rain, this is what you get!


Natasha said...

thanks for coming down! It was so fun to have you guys!

JadeLuckMoney said...

I Skyped with Papa today and he told me ya'll went to the Derby! I love these pictures. And I want to Skype with you again soon! I love you tons, Sissy!